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heyplus Watch Tryout Wrap Up

Before we get started we want to give a massive thank you to everyone for their great reviews of the heyplus Watch, sharing your insightful thoughts with the Heyup community. Everyone who tried out the heyplus Watch had a great time using the devices and now that the tryout is complete they can call themselves proud heyplus Watch owners, that’s right everyone keeps their new device! 



Now that everyone has posted their reviews, sharing their experience using the heyplus Watch, our community has impressively given an almost perfect score to the device. It is clear we managed to get our hands on an awesome piece of tech this time round, so let’s see what gems we can uncover next time. And of course we look forward to seeing the interesting views that you have to offer.

Heyplus Watch Reviews Highlights

  • It Has A Bigger And More Clear Screen
  • The Design Overall Is Premium And Elegant
  • It Has Super Long Battery Life
  • It Is Very Lightweight For Its Size

Looking at all of the reviews we got, we can see that it is very well received, with high praise of its technical abilities, thanks to its large display and long battery life while also receiving compliments over the weight and the design of its body.

If you didn’t get a chance to try out the heyplus Watch but want to learn more, you can check out reviews from our community here.

The Most Viewed Reviews

If your interested to know which were the reviews that stood out most from all the others, you can check them out for yourself:

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