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Heyup Debuting obode’s Super Smart Robot Vacuum To The World

It is not every day we get to debut a product to the world, but that is exactly what we are doing, and it is not just one product, but TWO! Very exciting times. We are debuting two very smart robot vacuum cleaners, the A8+ and A8 from obode, a technology eco-brand supported by Midea Robozone. If you have never used a robot vacuum or robot mop, then these products are going to change your life.


To celebrate the debut of these products to the world, Heyup is running their preorder for anyone to enjoy. For our Community, because we are nothing without our Community, we will be running a Tryout Program for these robot vacuums starting on September 29th, so stay tuned for that.


Why Do We Love The obode A8+ And A8?

A robot vacuum can be a life-changing experience. It may seem like an over-the-top expression for a little robot doing a simple job, but it is life-changing to not have to worry about vacuuming anymore. Now imagine that level of improvement to your quality of life doubled because your robot can mop too. That’s what we loved at first with obode’s smart robot vacuums. But it was the extra tech inside that made it all work that made us fall in love with it. 


Robot vacuums that can mop aren’t that new. There are some out there mop well. But the ones that can do both still often require the owner manually changing out the equipment on the machine. In the case of the A8+ and A8 from obode, the vacuum and mopping equipment have no need of swapping. They can be used in the same cleaning cycle. It can do this because of the cool tech hidden inside.


obode’s Suite Of Advanced Sensors For A Better Cleaning

Heyup Debuting obode’s Super Smart Robot Vacuum To The World


It can accurately map out and store up to three-floor maps at a time thanks to its 3000Hz advanced LiDAR mapping sensor system. Over 30 different sensors work together on the robot, including front plus right straight laser sensors. It can accurately navigate down to a centimeter while it is cleaning. This level of accuracy helps keep your furniture safe while still reaching every corner.


With the obode Life APP, downloadable through the Apple App Store and Google Play, you can set schedules for when to vacuum and/or mop as well as no-go zones throughout the house.


obode Vacuums And Mops In One Cleaning Cycle But Keeps the Carpets Dry


Heyup Debuting obode’s Super Smart Robot Vacuum To The World


It’s super cool that it can mop and vacuum in one cycle, saving time and being more efficient, but what about those of us with rugs or carpets in our homes? Well the A8 and A8+ do have a solution for this. It can raise the mopping equipment 10mm on its own when it detects carpets or rugs with its advanced sensors. This allows the robot to do everything in one cycle without leaving behind annoying wet patches on the carpet.


Nearly Completely Hands-Free With The A8+


The main difference between these two smart robot vacuums is that the A8+ empties itself into a dust bin. Now it’s not any ordinary dust bin, the dock for the A8+ doubles as a dust bin that holds a 2.5L automatically sealed bag for the A8+. So after every clean cycle, it returns to the dock, unloads the dust and debris it collected into the dust bin, and then it charges up as normal. Depending on how dusty your home can get, it is estimated you will only need to empty the dust bin once a month, and the bag in the dust bin is automatically sealed when you remove it so no dust can escape back into your house.


These Robot Vacuums That Can Also Mop Sound Great, But Who Is obode?

obode is a new AIoT technology eco-brand company supported by Midea Robozone. They create innovative, forward-thinking tech products for the busy tech-savvy enthusiasts of today. Their focus is on creating tech products that improve your quality of life by doing home cleaning jobs so you can reclaim some time in your life so they can better enjoy it.


This mission of theirs to help everyday people by creating smart, innovative tech products resonates with us. It matches perfectly with our desire to find and share tech products that we feel are not only cool but also helpful, products that truly improve our quality of life. Therefore we are super proud to be chosen by obode to debut their products and we look forward to seeing the rest of the Heyup Community enjoy them.


Looking To Own an obode A8+ Or A8?

If you already know enough to decide on it, go ahead and checkout out our preorder page, or just wait a little longer for the Tryout we will be running for these smart robot vacuums.




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