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How To Set Up Your Robot Vacuum

So you got a robot vacuum cleaner and you’re not too sure how to set it up? Or maybe the fear of the setup process is holding you back from buying one? Well, let me alleviate your fears with this simple how-to guide for setting up a robot vacuum that should be applicable to most robot vacuums you may encounter. Also, make sure you have your instruction manual with you, don’t worry, it won’t bite.

  • Some Minor Assembly Required
  • The robot vacuum will need a little bit of work to be put together once you got it out of the box, but no worries, it shouldn’t be anything serious. For example, for the obode vacuum that you can find here on Heyup, you will need to put on it’s side brushes in addition to putting the trays into the robot. For the obode’s water tank, you will need to fill it with water if you want to use its mopping feature. 

  • Where To Put The Docking Station
  • Find the location you want to put the docking station. 

    This is going to be the home for the vacuum robot so it is important to be in a out of the way location while also easily accessible not only for the robot for yourself. Some docking stations are designed to act as temporary trash cans for the robot’s dustbin. For models that don’t have automatic dustbin docking stations, it is still the most likely place you will go to take the dust out of the robot vacuum and any other small maintenance you may do.

    Once your docking station is set up, you can double check if everything works by seeing if the robot vacuum will start charging up once in the station. If it does, success! 

    Power is important, since you’ll need a healthy charge for the next step

  • Find The App For Your Robot Vacuum
  • To pair with your robot vacuum you’re going to need to install the robot’s app onto your smartphone. Thankfully this is usually pretty easy. All you need to do is scan a QR code with your smartphone. The QR code should be found inside the instruction manual. Simply scan the code, follow the pop-up instructions to your app store and install the app for your robot vacuum.

  • Make An Account In The App
  • Make an account if you don’t have one already so you can then use the app to its fullest. This app is going to turn into your personal controller for the robot vacuum and any other smart devices by this brand. You’ll be able to set your timers, zones, schedules, mop or no mop (if you have a robot similar to the obode), it’s power, and even take direct control and drive it like a remote control toy.

  • Pair The Robot Vacuum With Your Smartphone With Bluetooth
  • First, make sure your smartphone’s Bluetooth is on and that the robot vacuum is powered on. Then follow the on screen instructions provided by the app.

    This step in most brands will involve having the app search with Bluetooth for products from its brand. To start the search, most brands will have you press a button, not the power button, on the robot vacuum and hold it for a few seconds or until it makes a noise. The robot is then searching for your smartphone with Bluetooth. On the app, you will prompted to begin searching for devices. The robot and your phone will then find each other and pair. 

    Now you may be able to do some simple features for the robot vacuum cleaner. To unlock all of them though, you need to connect it to your local WiFi network.

  • Connecting To The Robot With Your WiFi
  • To successfully connect your robot vacuum to the internet, merely follow the instructions that pop up in the app. In the case of the obode, you will need to press the but “1m³” button and hold it for 3 seconds or until it beeps. The WiFi indicator on it will then flicker and the app will give you instructions.These instructions will be pretty simple stuff.

    Select your WiFi network

    Input any password you’re using

    Update the robot vacuum if there are any updates available

  • Start Using Your Robot Vacuum
  • Now you’re pretty much all set up, but there is one thing left to do. Use the robot vacuum! You can tell it to just start cleaning now and it will go just about everywhere, vacuuming up the whole area. What about setting up a schedule for it? Easy, that can be done via the app and you don’t even have to be home to do it now that the robot vacuum is connected to your WiFi. Most brands will let you set it vacuum every day or every other day at any time of day you like. You can even set the vacuum power level if you like and monitor it while it is vacuuming. 

    And that’s how you set up just about any robot vacuum. Now you will barely, if ever, need to vacuum your home again. The wonders of modern technology. 

    How Was Setting Up Your Robot Vacuum?

    If you have set up a robot vacuum before, we would like to hear about your experience. Was it easy? Was it hard? Did we miss any crucial points in this quick how-to guide? Let us know at the Heyup Community.



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