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iPhone 1st Gen (original ) Is Sold at $ 130,000 In an Auction

iPhone 1st Gen Sold at $ 130,000 (2)

Have you ever wondered about the value of your old iPhone still sitting in your drawer? It may not be worth much, but if it's a first-generation iPhone that's never been opened, it's a different story. Due to their rarity, an original, first-generation iPhone has just been sold for an unbelievable price of 130,000 USD.

Accordingly, a company called LCG Auctions recently put up for sale an iPhone 2G in perfect condition with the goal of selling it for more than $100,000. As expected, this phone is now considered an "antique" and has been sold for over 130,000 USD.

iPhone 1st Gen Sold at $ 130,000 (2)

Interestingly, this record sales level may soon be surpassed. Recently, an identical phone was sold through LCG Auctions for a staggering $190,000. This huge price shows that Apple products are of interest to many rare collectors. The value of these old iPhones comes entirely from their scarcity. Therefore, don't be surprised if we hear about similar products priced even higher in the near future.

It is known that the iPhone is one of the most important and popular inventions of our time, first introduced by Steve Jobs on January 9, 2007. Combining a sleek design with innovative features like a 3.5-inch capacitive touch screen and a 2MP camera, the iPhone 2G captured the imagination of consumers worldwide. Its introduction marked the beginning of a new era in mobile communication, paving the way for smartphones to become an indispensable part of modern life.