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Is The Matrix Real?

Some crazy Australian scientists recently just got a step closer to making the Matrix a reality. If everything pans out and survivors the rigorous testing that all scientific theories experience, this recent experiment could confirm that the Matrix Simulation is possible. With a little help from a new in-vitro neural network system that the team developed and coined DishBrain, the team was able to teach an artificial brain how to play the video game Pong and to play against other humans. An amazing scientific breakthrough that could open up some Matrix level doors and we can’t wait to see where this goes.

To read more about this sci-fi level breakthrough and to keep up with more breakthroughs like it, we recommend that you follow up at Tech Times. To read the official scientific report from the scientists themselves, you can read their report here where they explain their process and all of their findings. It’s long but it’s also not everyday sci-fi becomes science possible.



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