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It’s Back To School Time



Getting ready to start a new school year is always a little stressful. But it is also a great time to go in and start the year with a fresh start. New clothes, a new backpack, and maybe even some new gadgets to start this school year off on an exciting first step.


Cool Things We Found On The Net To Make This School Year Fun

W&P Porter Collection

Image courtesy of W&P

If you are more a pack your own meal kind of person instead of enjoying the lunches provided by the school, then the Porter Collection from W&P or something similar might be right up your alley. This collection from W&P in particular comes in a variety of combos. You could get individual items or as many as 15 items in one set. My personal favorite is likely to be the 5 items set for just $90. I like the subtle designs they have for it and it looks like it can hold pretty much everything I would need for lunch. 


HP Laptop

Image courtesy of HP

With schools getting more and more tech-friendly lately, it is becoming just as common to see kids in colleges and even high schools using a laptop to take notes. Right now it looks like HP is running maybe the best deal for a new laptop should a student be looking for one. Their HP Laptop - 15z-ef2000 to be specific, is currently only starting at $379.99. A pretty good deal for a new college student looking for a decent, lightweight laptop to begin their first years in college.


Hydro Flask

Image courtesy of Hydro Flask on Amazon

The Hydro Flask became a super popular thermos among students a few years ago and is still fairly popular today. Able to keep your cold drinks cold all day or a hot drink hot for more than 8 hours is an impressive feat for a thermos so it is easy to see why everyone loved it. So the next time you’re thinking of what kind of bottle you need to carry your hot or cold drink throughout the day, maybe the Hydro Flask will be your first pick


Laptop Backpack

To carry that laptop around, it is a lot easier and safer for the laptop to do it in a back designed specifically for it. Thankfully this isn’t the newest design and backpacks are super common, so it is pretty easy to find a good one just about anywhere for a good price. For example, with a little bit of searching, we found a pretty good-looking Mancro laptop backpack on Amazon for just $23.


There Are Also The Great Gadgets Here On Heyup

heyplus Runner Air

Image courtesy of Heyup Store

To help make walking around campus and between classes more enjoyable as well as safer, check out the heyplus Runner Airs. They are a bone conducting design of earphones so the music is transmitted directly to your eardrums through your bones. The plus side is that they do not block any sound you hear around you. So you can casually walk around, totally aware of your surroundings, and still enjoy your favorite tunes. They are comfortable, safe, stylish, includes onboard memory for when you can’t have your phone with you, and has up to 6 hours of battery life. All-in-all, they’re pretty awesome, and the best part? They’re only $29 right now on the Heyup store.


heyplus Air Watch

Image courtesy of Heyup Store

After trying out the heyplus Watch, we decided to give the Air Watch a look, and we found it’s a good deal. It’s a slimmer design than the heyplus Watch at just 9.9m and because of that it is missing a couple of features and has a smaller battery. But it still rocks up to 7 days of battery life on a charge, 24 hour blood, oxygen monitoring, all the workout monitoring features you’d want and is IP68 water and dust resistent. I’d dare say it’s still an awesome little watch, and right now you can get it for just $39.99 on the Heyup store.


What Are You Thinking Of Getting For Back To School?

Really, we want to know and I’m sure many of our community members would love to know as well. Or if we you’re still looking for the perfect stuff for back to school or the perfect deals, I’m sure someone in our community may als help you out, cause that’s what we do.




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