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Last Chance To Join FREE SwitchBot Tryout!

It’s not long now until the tryout for the SwitchBot Bot and Curtain will come to an end soon, so be sure to click here to sign up now for a chance to get yours for ABSOLUTELY FREE!!! That’s right, who does not like free stuff? If you haven’t heard about it so far, then let me quickly introduce our Tryout event again.

What Is SwitchBot?

SwitchBot is a cool smart home brand with an awesome ecosystem of robots made to make your life easier. Some big youtubers like Unbox Therapy and ASBYT as well as big media sites like MakeUseOf have shown a keen interest in how these devices help to make a regular house become a smart home paradice. SwitchBot has managed to reach over 1500 sign ups which has allowed us to stretch the available free units and offer an exclusive 20% off SwitchBot devices on the official SwitchBot website for participants only. 

The devices that you will have the opportunity to use are the SwitchBot Bot and the SwitchBot Curtain. The first device is SwitchBot Bot which is a small device made to turn anything with a regular switch or button into a smart device controlled by the SwitchBot ecosystem. The second device is the SwitchBot Curtain that is made to make drawing curtains automated in a number of cool ways including remote and app control, sensor control and with scheduled timing.

What Is A Heyup Tryout And Why Should You Join?

Our tryouts are our way to give people the opportunity to own a piece of cool tech and give them the opportunity to be among the prestigious reviewers who have already given their thoughts on these cool devices. We have already had two other Tryouts so far, one is for Oladance Wearable Stereo Open Earbuds that began as a popular kickstarter and the other was Heyplus Smartwatch that is a device that puts big emphasis on its HUGE screen. So here is a quick run down for reasons why you should want to join:

  • Devices available for free to those who have signed up and are selected. 
  • More likely to be selected if you have already participated in our before.
  • An opportunity to give your own unique review on the device.

Remember the better the more valuable insight you can give in your review, the more likely you are going to be noticed for future tryouts. Our aim is to give you more incentive to join and engage with our community of tech enthusiasts and this could be the perfect way to get your foot in the door in the reviewers scene.

Join In The Fun While You Can

If you like what you see then all you need to do is click here and sign up for your chance to join in the fun. We haven’t got long left before the official sign up time ends so be sure to join before it is too late. Remember the more Tryouts you are a part of the more likely you are to be chosen for all our future tryouts, so what are you waiting for? There is no time like the present.



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