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Machenike KT84: A Dual-Screen Mechanical Keyboard Hits Kickstarter


Machenike KT84 Dual-Screen Mechanical Keyboard

Once again, the center of unusual devices became the Kickstarter platform, where a unique retro-style mechanical keyboard equipped with two screens appeared. This is the Machenike KT84 model, which has a large 6.9-inch elongated pixel display at the top. Its resolution is 490 pixels, and it supports user templates, colors, and animation effects that can be adjusted through special software.

Machenike KT84 Dual-Screen Mechanical Keyboard

The novelty was a continuation of the Machenike KT68 Cyberpunk Smart Screen Keyboard model released in 2022, which also has a screen, but already at 9.1 inches with 325 LEDs. Additionally, the Machenike KT84 has a 1.47-inch high-resolution screen that displays PC temperature, weather forecast, time and date, keyboard battery level, and other service information.

Machenike KT84 Dual-Screen Mechanical Keyboard

The second feature of the device is transparent keycaps with an OEM profile. Thanks to them and the 20 modes of RGB lighting in the dark, the Machenike KT84 looks great. At the same time, the keyboard uses high-quality Cateron North Pole 2.0 5-pin switches with a resource of up to 100 million clicks. There is also hot swapping and support for 3-pin switches. Machenike KT84 is a compact solution with a form factor of 84% (84 buttons).

Switches and Noise Isolation System Features

For additional convenience, the novelty has a volume control wheel with an instant mute mode. And since we have a mechanical keyboard in front of us, the manufacturer also took care of noise isolation for quiet and comfortable work. The device uses 5-layer noise insulation using foamed foam, soft pads and silicone filler.

Machenike KT84 Dual-Screen Mechanical Keyboard

Machenike KT84 works in three modes: wired, Bluetooth, and 2.4G radio channel. Claimed support for such OS as Windows/iOS/Mac OS/Android. The device is powered by an 8,000 mAh capacity battery with USB-C charging, and the dimensions of the keyboard are 330×171×51 mm with a weight of 1,120 grams.

Price and availability

The Machenike KT84 is not yet available in stores, but you can purchase it through the crowdfunding campaign on Kickstarter. Prices start at $199 for early backers, and delivery is scheduled for September 2024.



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