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New Nothing Ear (Stick) Are Out!

Nothing ear(stick)-Heyup Tryouts

The engineers at Nothing have done it again. They have created a beautifully transparent, minimalistic earbud for everyone to enjoy, the new Nothing Ear (Stck). Nothing is continuing to follow their mission of making technology less noticeable and that is noticeably the direction they took with this new pair of earbuds.

New Design

The new Ear (Stick) is a almost a total redesign of Nothing’s Bluetooth earbuds and their charging case. In fact, the new charging case design takes center stage for the Ear (Stick) with its small, lipstick container style, making it easy to carry in your pocket or bag. 

The earbuds themselves are a slightly different design that some users may find more comfortable than the previous Nothing Ear (1)s. Instead of invasively entering and plugin your ear up for noise cancelation, these Ear (Stick) earbuds rest snuggly in your ear similar to Apple’s old Airpod earbuds. 

They’re lightweight, designed to be above all else, comfortable. That way you an enjoy them for hours on end if not the entire day as you listen to your favorite music, streams, shows, or video games. And with their battery life, you can do it, since the earbuds will last for up to 7 hours on a single charge. The case also lets you charge back up fairly quickly, giving you 2 hours of listening time after just 10 minutes charging.

What about the sound quality though if the physical noise cancelling plug of the earbud design is gone? Well, thankfully the engineers at Nothing thought about that.

Marvelous Audio Quality

Audio in the Nothing Ear (Stick) earbuds is rich, clear, and immersive. To achieve this they use a dynamic driver that has proven to be one of the most sensitive dynamic drivers in the industry. Without noise cancelling you may be worried about the quality of bass they pump out, but fear not, thanks to their built-in smart bass tech. The earbuds can detect the level bass in your audio and will automatically adjust the bass scale to match so it is not over powering or too little, always at that perfect punching level that bass should be. 

What About The Microphone?

Hands free calling has always been very popular and it’s nearly the norm these days with how convenient Bluetooh earbuds are. So it is very important to also consider the microphone quality of these tiny Nothing earbuds. Thankfully they’re good, that’s right, there’s more than one microphone on these. The Nothing Ear (Stick) earbuds use three sensitive microphones to clearly pick up your voice. Then use more smart tech to filter out unwanted sounds like crowds, wind, traffic, and more so the people on the other end of the call only your voice, loud and clear. 

Easy To Connect, Easy To Use

The design and quality of the earbuds may be great, but what about using them? Is it easy to connect them via Bluetooth to your smartphone? Thankfully the engineers at Nothing also thought about this and implemented Fast Pairing which makes connecting to Android devices a breeze. For those that are also using a Nothing Phone (1), your new Nothing Ear (Stick) earbuds will automatically switch to a “low lag” mode when you enter a video game, to help keep the audio perfectly synchronized with what is happening in your game.

Heyup Verdict

Since the earbuds have only just recently come out, we haven’t had much chance to try them but we are happy to see more comfortable earbud design as well as the innovative design for the case charger. We’re a big fan of small cases that are easier to carry around. The long battery life and vivid audio quality are also major points in Nothing’s favor. Since there is no noise cancelling though we can’t gve it a perfect score since our audiophiles would prefer to have noise cancelling still. Overall, we’d probably have to give the Nothing Ear (Stick) a solid 9/10.

If anyone gets a chance to try these earbuds out, we highly encourage you to share your experience with us and the Heyup Community. I’m sure everyone, not only us, would love to read about it.



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