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Not much change in VR Helmet, but something else worth your shot.

Welcome, everyone to the year of 2023. It would be a great pleasure to spend another year with our fellow Heyupers. Although the year just got started, we can still see a lot of new stuff coming up in the foreseeable future. However, unless you have an infinitely big wallet, you need to be careful on your spendings. 

This Time we will see what Heyup Editorial Room thinks the VR/AR will be for 2023:

As the hype of Meta and other big names continues, VR/AR is still the focus for many tech lovers out there.

So, what should we look at in this industry? 

Of course, the fidelity, processing power and some other parameters will improve from 2022, but they are not the point here unless the improvement is big enough to give us a “Star Wars” style meeting. 

We believe that the change in our virtual headset and goggles would not be too much. We might find new ways of using them, just like what Nreal showed us in 2022. They made their AR glass just another floating screen. We believe that there will always be new ways to use these techs.

iF Design - Nreal Light


Aside from the goggles and headsets, we should have a look at cameras and sensors. 

Why? They make you interact with the digital! Interaction in the virtual world is normally done by using controllers on hand. They don’t usually work very well, for example, the Meta Quest’s controller can detect your finger movements as you are holding it in your hand, and the controller for Pico uses buttons to represent finger movements. 

Introducing Oculus Quest 2, the Next Generation of All-in-One VR | Meta


We are expecting something more, like a camera or other sensors. As the image recognition technology is advancing, we could probably use cameras or thermal cameras to interact with anything that happens in the virtual world. 

This is not new, Sony back in the days released their Playroom to track your body actions via camera to play games like Just Dance. In 2023, we might see something like this coming up. 

Well, although there are so many VR devices out there, haptic gloves always win everyone’s favor. With dense allocation of electrodes or small switches. Haptic gloves can have more accurate and quicker responding interaction with whatever is happening on the screen. So, these gloves are definitely something you could look into, but we are always worried about what happens if our hands sweat too much.

HaptX launches HaptX Gloves DK2 to bring true-contact haptics to VR and  robotics | HaptX

Before we end the chapter here, there is also something you can lay your eyes on, fictional characters.

In Asian countries, Streamers making fictional portraits of themselves are very common nowadays. These characters are getting more detailed, soon enough, their skin will look real and hair will flow smooth. 

What does this have to do with us? For now, they are useful tools for streamers or businesses only. But in the future, the same technology will be able to recreate yourself in the virtual world, making more possibilities. 

That’s the take of the Heyup Editorial Foom on 2023’s VR/AR, we hope at the end of the year, we don’t get terribly wrong. There will be more coming out next week, addressing other topics, don’t miss them out! What is your take on 2023’s VR/AR industry?

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