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RedMagic 9S Pro Series Unveiled: The New Powerhouse of Gaming

RedMagic 9S and 9S Pro+

As previously announced, the RedMagic brand has introduced two new flagship smartphones for gamers in China: RedMagic 9S Pro and 9S Pro+. The devices are a slight upgrade of the original RedMagic 9 Pro Series, released in late 2023.

This new series phone uses the Snapdragon 8 Gen 3 Leading Version chip, which is basically an overclocked version of the SD8 Gen 3 with a maximum CPU speed of up to 3.4GHz and a GPU boost of 1GHz.

RedMagic 9S and 9S Pro+

With up to 24GB of LPDDR5X RAM and 1TB of UFS 4.0 storage space. They also promise improved cooling and a 6,500mAh battery with 80-watt fast charging, which should ensure long battery life. But without further ado, here are all the new features of the RedMagic 9S Pro and 9S Pro+ including technical specifications, price, and market release.

This is what the new RedMagic 9S and 9S Pro+ offer

Nubia is proud to say that its new RedMagic 9S Pro phone has achieved a record AnTuTu score of 2,369,542, the highest among Android devices to date. On top of that, the phones come with an improved ICE 13.5 cooling system that features a vapor chamber (10,182mm²) and a new cooling gel that reduces thermal resistance.

RedMagic 9S and 9S Pro+

Combined with a 22,000 RPM active cooling fan, this system can reduce chipset temperatures by up to 19.5°C compared to 18°C ​​for the original ICE 13 system used in the RedMagic 9 Pro and 9 Pro+.

RedMagic 9S Series

Battery life is also a highlight that cannot be ignored on the new Nubia phones. Specifically, the RedMagic 9S Pro has a 6,500mAh battery with 90W fast charging support, while the RedMagic 9S Pro + has a smaller 5,500mAh battery but supports super-fast 165W fast charging. According to brand, the Pro model's battery can be fully charged from 0-100% in just 35 minutes, and this number on the Pro+ variant is even more impressive at 16 minutes.

RedMagic 9S Pro Series battery

These phones also have the option to bypass the battery and run directly on external power, which generates less heat and reduces battery wear. In terms of size, they are 8.9mm thick and weigh 229g.

RedMagic 9S Series

In terms of display quality, the new RedMagic 9S Pro series is equipped with a 6.8-inch flat OLED display (BOE Q9+) and has interesting features. It is a standard rectangle (no rounded corners) and the 16MP camera is located below, so it does not affect the user's viewing experience. The screen has a resolution of 1,116 x 2,480 pixels with support for a 120Hz refresh rate. As for controls, the new RedMagic phones can reach an instantaneous touch sampling rate of 2,000Hz and have a pair of 520Hz trigger buttons. The fingerprint scanner is located in the screen.

RedMagic 9S and 9S Pro+

They also support advanced connections like Wi-Fi 7 and USB-C 3.2, along with a 3.5mm jack for wired headphones. If you want, you can use dual speakers (with DTS:X Ultra certification) instead.

RedMagic 9S Series

In terms of photography, the newly launched RedMagic 9S Pro series has a dual camera system on the back, including a 50MP main sensor (1/1.57 inch GN5, lens with OIS) and a 50MP ultra-wide-angle camera (JN1). Besides the impressive photo quality, the highlight of this camera system is that they do not protrude from the back, bringing a seamless and eye-catching beauty.

RedMagic 9S and 9S Pro+

Nubia also did not miss the opportunity to add AI features to the new RedMagic 9S Pro phones through the new RedMagic 9.5 UI. Some of the notable AI features on these phones are Smart Navigator with real-time recommendations, AI Trigger, Sound recognition for games, image zoom, wallpaper, wallpaper creation, writing assistant, summary, search, etc.

Aside from the battery and charging, the differences between the Pro and Pro+ models include different storage options. Specifically, the RedMagic 9S Pro has 12GB of RAM and 256/512GB of storage, while the 9S Pro+ has 16GB of RAM and 512GB of storage. Interestingly, the Pro+ model also has a special edition with 24GB of RAM and 16TB of storage.

Price and availability

The RedMagic 9S Pro and 9S Pro+ are now available for pre-order on Nubia's official store in China. Deliveries will begin on July 9. It has already been confirmed that the international version of the RedMagic 9 Pro will launch on July 16, 2024. So you don't have to resort to importing from China, you just have to wait a bit. 

RedMagic 9S Prices

The RedMagic 9S Pro is available in Dark Night and White Knight colors, priced at ¥4,799 (approximately 611€) for the 12GB + 256GB model and ¥5,199 (approximately 662€) for the 12GB + 512GB model. The Clear version of the RedMagic 9S Pro costs ¥4,999 (around 636€) for the 12GB + 256GB model and ¥5,399 (around 687€) for the 12GB + 512GB model.

RedMagic 9S Pro+ Prices

Meanwhile, the RedMagic 9S Pro+ in Dark Night and White Knight colors is priced at ¥5,799 (about 738€) for the 16GB + 512GB model, while the Clear version is ¥5,999 (about 764€) for the 16GB + 512GB model and ¥6,999 (about €891) for the 24GB + 1TB model.



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