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Robot Vacuums. Should You Get One?

On the fence about getting a robot vacuum or mop? So was I several years ago, thinking that there was no way this robot was going to perform as advertised and I’m still going to have to vacuum what it misses. Well, it’s been about 6 years since then and besides a few unique situations, I haven’t seriously vacuumed my place! The little robot I got at the time performed as advertised and I love it. 

Got a robot vacuum? Share your experiences with it on the Heyup Community. For the rest of you that don’t have one yet though, please keep on reading and let me tell you a little bit about why exactly I love my robot vacuum.

Vacuuming Is Just One Chore

When I was on the fence, I often thought to myself, that vacuuming was just one chore, a chore I only spent maybe 20 minutes on because of my small apartment. I am not likely to really notice the extra time I get to myself by letting a robot do it. Not to mention, the robot will still require me to do a few things as well, like emptying it and stuff. There was also the setting it up, which I was confident would mess up and cause me more headaches. So, all of that is to just make a robot do one chore that I don’t even do daily. 

Thankfully, it was actually super easy to set up and there weren’t any real glitches. Keeping it clean is also a piece of cake.

Turned Out To Be A Bigger Benefit

But eliminating this one chore from my weekly, if not every other day, routine does so much more than just saves me time. There’s a mental thing about it too, it’s hard to describe. But just knowing that the robot is taking care of it for me, and doing a fairly good job, gives me a sense of comfort I was truly not expecting. It’s like a weight is lifted off my shoulders and I genuinely feel better, knowing the little robot is keeping the place clean. It’s hard to describe really, but I’m sure I’m not the only one to experience this and I’m sure this feeling will be even greater if I upgrade to a robot that can mop too. 

What If You Have More Than One Floor?

I have seen some people with multi-floor homes getting multiple robots, but for those on a budget, it is totally possible just carry the robot up and down some stairs. Thanks to the sensors on the robots, they will see and know to avoid the stairs so they don’t fall down, so no need to worry about that, usually. Just make sure you get a well-trusted brand like Xiaomi or a brand that is part of bigger brands like Smartmi or obode.

So What Robot Did I Get?

Mine is an older model, a Xiaomi model that is now so old they may not sell it anymore but its basic design and features are still visible in current-day models. In fact, it is so old I am due to upgrade.

What Am I Upgrading To?

I’m thinking about getting one that can mop and vacuum. Right now I’m looking at the new robot from Smartmi and abode. I like the design of the Smartmi, but the obode model looks to have some even more quality-of-life improving features, like making the emptying of its wastebasket super simple. That is kind of the point of these robots, after all, to keep making our quality of life better, in any way they can. 

Is A Robot Vacuum Right For You?

That is ultimately up to you. If you are a person that leaves little objects around or with a kid that leaves legos and toys out, you might want to vacuum more on your own so you don’t lose things. Then again, the first place to look can always be inside the robot if you lose something. If you don’t like vacuuming or are looking for anything to help give you more time in the day, then you might want one. As someone that owns a robot vacuum for several years now though, I leave you with a parting thought. 

A robot vacuum might seem like a small thing at first, or more work than it is worth when you’re looking at your choices for the right one, but it is surprising how much it can improve your life.



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