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Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra Durability Test and Teardown (video)

Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra Teardown

The Samsung Galaxy S24 range was presented last week and now we can get an idea of ​​the construction solutions adopted by the South Korean giant for its Galaxy S24 Ultra flagship. The latest smartphone that had to withstand various drops and scratches in the durability test by PBKreviews.

Durability Drop & Scratch Test

 As usual, the Galaxy phone was dropped multiple times from waist height to the front, sides and back. The first fall resulted in minor scratches on the frame and a small crack in the top right corner of the display. The back, however, survived the fall without any noticeable damage.

The new titanium frame also survived an intimate encounter with a drill. The 6.8-inch Dynamic AMOLED 2X display is protected by the latest Gorilla Glass Armor, which was apparently a good decision by Samsung. The Galaxy S24 Ultra showed no stains or scratches after being treated with a mixture of dust and gravel.

Teardown unveils its secrets

After the drop and scratch tests, YouTubeer also published its teardown video and as usual the first step is to remove the SIM tray, before applying heat to the back of the smartphone to loosen the grip of the adhesive underneath so as to be able to cut the glue easily.

Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra Teardown

Once you have removed the 17 screws that hold everything in place, you can lift the module that contains the wireless charging coil, the NFC antenna and the UWB antenna, then proceed to disconnect all the cables and lift the assembly with the upper speaker and the headset and also the one with the bottom speaker and the vibration motor.

At this point you can lift the main board, to which the rear cameras are connected, however the selfie camera is glued and more difficult to remove.

Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra has a huge vapor chamber

Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra Teardown

Samsung has glued a graphite film on the processor to promote heat transfer, and has also applied a thermal paste to improve dissipation. Under the battery which comes off quite easily by pulling the tabs there is a huge vapor chamber that extends under the main board.

The test was the US version. That's why the Galaxy S24 Ultra also has 5G mmWave antennas on the frame in the video, which can be seen at the 6:15 minute mark. Overall, it received a repairability rating of 9/10 points by PBKreviews, as most of the components are easy to remove, except the display which is glued to the chassis and therefore difficult to remove without causing damage.