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Say Goodbye to Smartphones! INMO Go AR Glasses Launch in China


So, INMO Go, the new kid on the block from AR glasses maker INMO Vision Technology, just made its grand entrance in China (September 6th). In a world where wearable tech is the new black, INMO is betting their AR glasses might just kick smartphones to the curb.

A lofty dream, no doubt, but after the hit of their firstborn, the INMO Air, and the buzz around the upcoming INMO Air2, this Shenzhen startup is definitely stirring the pot.

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Yesterday, (September 6th), they threw an online shindig to show off their shiny new toy. With a price tag of ¥1999, the INMO Go is now up for grabs in China for a sweet deal of just ¥1799, making it a spicy contender in the AR glasses arena.

A Featherweight Champ in Design

The INMO Go is basically the INMO Air's skinny cousin, made for folks on the move. Weighing in at a measly 52 grams, it's about as heavy as a bag of chips. To put it in perspective, it's the lightest AR glasses you can buy, anywhere. It's moves like these that are making AR glasses look more like your everyday specs.

The INMO Go is also a jack of all trades, playing nice with prescription lenses and sunglasses, making it a fit for all sorts of scenarios. With a solid 7-hour battery life, these AR glasses are ready to tag along on your daily adventures.

INMO: The AI Whiz Kid in AR

INMO is making a name for itself in the AR glasses game by being the first in China to cram huge AI models into their tech. The INMO Go isn't just a wearable gadget; it's a "smart buddy" that smoothly fits into your daily grind. It can play a bunch of "smart" roles, like being your travel buddy, your personal chef, or even your language coach.

In real-world terms, the INMO Go can do on-the-fly translation during chats while helping with directions and trip planning for globetrotters. In the work world, these AR glasses can keep you in the loop on schedules and alerts from popular chat apps like WeChat, DingTalk, and Feishu. They can also mimic language settings for language learners, making it a flexible sidekick for all sorts of situations.

Top-Notch Display Tech: JBD MicroLED

The INMO Go's display tech is a showstopper, thanks to the JBD MicroLED display tech. With a brightness of 2000 nits, it adjusts smoothly to different light conditions, making sure users can easily read all the info on the glasses.

A Peek into Tomorrow

The INMO Go's debut is a big deal for INMO. Building on the Air series' success, the INMO Go is their third consumer-grade AR glasses to hit the production line.

With a price under two thousand yuan and the weight of regular glasses, INMO has pushed AR glasses into the affordable zone. Following the trend of smartphones, smartwatches, fitness trackers, and wireless earbuds, the INMO Go might just be the next hot ticket.

Fancy a Free Taste of AR's Future?

The INMO Go's launch in China is a big leap in the AR tech world. As these glasses become more common and part of daily life, they could change how we interact with tech and info. It's still not clear when the INMO Go will launch outside of China but if you can't wait for the release date we might be able to help you out. 

If AR tickles your fancy and you want to join the revolution, swing by our Tryouts page and sign up for a chance to test drive a pair of INMO Air2s for free.

As tech keeps advancing, these devices are bound to play a bigger part in our lives, so why not jump on the bandwagon and give them a whirl!