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Sharge Pouch Now Officially On Sale: A 55W Unique 3-in-1 Power Bank, Priced at $99

Sharge Pouch Now On Sale

Last year, OnePlus collaborated with SHARGE to introduce a portable power bank called "Pouch." Shaped like a pouch, hence its name, this power bank features an integrated wall charger, cable, and super-fast charging capabilities.

Sharge Pouch Now On Sale

Initially, it was launched through crowdfunding, and specific details about its price and availability were kept secret. However, it is now available for purchase. Let’s explore the details.

SHARGE “Pouch” Specifications

The Pouch sets itself apart from traditional power banks with its modular design. It features a 10,000mAh battery pack, a detachable wall charger, and an integrated cable. This configuration allows users to charge up to three devices simultaneously: two via the power bank’s USB-C ports and one using the wall charger.

The sleek design of the Pouch, featuring OnePlus's signature red-and-white color scheme, has already been recognized with a Gold Award at the MUSE Design Awards for its user-centric design.

The power bank comes with a built-in cable that magnetically connects for secure and hassle-free use. Plus, the wall charger also sports magnetic connections for added convenience. According to Sharge, the cable of the Pouch passed the endurance test without breaking even after 10,000 bends.

Sharge Pouch Now On Sale

The power bank offers fast-charging speeds of up to 40W with support for various protocols such as QC 3.0, QC 4.0, PD 2.0, and PD 3.0. Thanks to the SUPERVOOC technology, the OnePlus users can enjoy lightning-fast charging speeds of up to 55W.

In addition to its innovative design and fast-charging capabilities, the Pouch also comes equipped with an internal protection system that protects the devices being charged from overloads, short circuits, and other risks.

Price and avialbility

Following a successful crowdfunding campaign last year, the Pouch is now available for purchase on the official website of SHARGE at a promotional price of US$99.99 with a 20% discount until June 9th.

Sharge Pouch Now On Sale

After the pre-order phase, Sharge will distribute the device from its warehouses in key regions, ensuring smooth delivery and minimizing customs issues. Customers can expect shipments by the end of June.

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