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Tesla Showed How Humanoid Robots Optimus Breed (Video)

Tesla Optimus Video

Humanoid robots Optimus appeared before the public last fall in the form of two prototypes. The first one was assembled on the basis of third-party actuators, and the second used Tesla-designed actuators, but at the same time moved around the stage only on a cart. This week, the company has already demonstrated a couple of robots that could not only walk, but also perform quite complex manipulations.

Two fully functioning humanoid robots were shown to the public in a video shown by Tesla at an investor event. One of them approached the table and took the arm of another robot, which was then helped to screw to the body by the third Optimus robot, armed with a screwdriver.

Tesla Optimus Video

Then both assembled and functioning robots walked around the room. Outwardly, they resembled the second Optimus prototype, which was demonstrated last fall and used actuators developed by Tesla itself. As Elon Musk explained, none of the existing components satisfied the company's requests, so they had to develop their own.

Tesla Optimus Video

Musk described progress in the development of humanoid robots as moderately fast, urging not to compare it with parkour in terms of pace. Tesla considers the use of “the most advanced artificial intelligence that can be applied in the real world” to be the main advantage of its robots . The Optimus robots will use the same software framework as Tesla's electric vehicle control systems. They will have the ability to learn. “There is no use in this if the humanoid robot you create requires programming every option,” Musk said.

The head of Tesla has high hopes for robots. According to his estimates, a fairly large fleet of humanoid robots will be able to increase the GDP of individual countries and the whole world. He believes that one day there will be at least one robot for every inhabitant of the Earth. The design of Optimus obviously implies protection against the possibility of a “rebellion of the machines”, which is actively discussed by science fiction writers. These robots can move at a maximum speed of 8 km / h, and in the event of attempts to use force, an adult will be able to either overcome and drop the robot, or run away from it.

What else is known about Elon Musk's robot

According to the plan of the developers, Optimus is designed to replace most of the routine human work. It is about shopping in markets and other everyday concerns. At the same time, Musk assures that the robot is not aimed at taking away jobs from people themselves.

According to Musk, the cost of the robot will be up to 20,000 dollars, which is several times less than modern analogues. When they will go on sale, Musk is not yet ready to say, but notes that in the future the robotic direction may become more important for the company than the automotive one.

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