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We’re Updating The Tryout Program!

We’ve been super happy with Tryout Program and it looks like all of you are loving it as well. Can’t blame ya, everyone loves getting new tech products for free, and the opportunity to voice your opinion about it for others and even help point any problems so they can be fixed or improved is a powerful incentive. This is turning out to be such a great feature for Heyup, that we are updating it to make it even better for everyone.

We’re Updating The Tryout Program

To make the application process easier and more streamlined, there will now be a pop up window asking for some basic information and a couple of generic questions to learn a tiny bit more about you and everyone else that join in the program. Don’t even have to leave the page now, awesome. 

Tryout Program Product Pages

For our new Tryout Programs, we’ll have a page dedicated to showing the details of the new tech product, to help you better decide if you want to try and test it or not. If it is a tech product you want to try, then at the bottom of the page we’ll also include an easy “Apply Now” button.

Have Suggestions?

If you have any ideas for a better Tryout Program, feel free to let us know on our forums. This is a collaborative effort after all, and by working together I’m sure we can create a truly amazing program that can benefit everyone, with better transparent understanding of products and better products overall. So, you always get the tech products that you want.

Nothing Is Coming To Tryout!

Our next Tryout is quite possibly our best one yet! We are going to have TWO products, the Nothing ear (1) earphone and the all new, Nothing Phone (1). If you haven’t heard about Nothing yet, it’s a new company that exploded onto the scene with their super successful Nothing ear(1) earphone. 

This year, they are launching their first smartphone, the Nothing Phone (1). It’s an Android phone designed from the ground up on the idea of minimalistic design. With their own Android OS, it’s as clean of an Android smartphone as we’ve ever seen. While they are focused on minimalist design, they did go and have some fun with the back of the phone, giving it a fresh transparent covering and placing a cool LED light system there that comes with a whole host of options. 

*Breaths* Needless to say, we’re excited!

We’ll be starting this next Tryout soon, on August 1st, so stay tuned and get ready to sign up for as fast as you can.  



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