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We’ve Seen The Nothing Ear (Stick), What Else Is Coming To Heyup Tryouts?

HAYLOU PurFree Buds

New products are coming to Heyup Tryouts! The Nothing Ear (Stick) is out and you can already tell us if you’d wish to try it out but we’re also adding the brand new HAYLOU PurFree Buds, a comfortable open-ear design of earbuds. 

HAYLOU PurFree Buds

These outdoorsy, workout-focused earbuds are totally brand new, coming out this month, so it’s a perfect chance for anyone to give them a free try to tell the rest of us how they really are. 

Your New Earbuds Of Choice For Working Out Or Hiking

With HAYLOU’s focus on working out and enjoying the great outdoors, these HAYLOU PurFree Buds incorporate a variety of specific features to help you enjoy these activities to the fullest. They’re light and use skin-friendly silicone to be comfortable on your skin and the titanium wire hook helps it to snuggly hang over your ear so you can run, jump, dodge, or any other moves you can think without worrying about the earbuds falling off or chaffing your ears. 

All-Day Battery Life With Earbud Case

These HAYLOU earbuds can also go for up to 8 hours on a single charge and if you have the earbud charging case with you, you can charge them back up to full 3 more times for a total of 32 hours of battery life. With battery life like that, it will be a super small chance for you to ever not have enough power to finish your workout or hike outside. The earbud case is also small and conveniently shaped so it is easy to carry around with you

Designed To Make It Safer To Enjoy Your Music

Speaking of being outside, these earbuds may become one of your favorite pairs of earbuds to take outside for runs, walks, or hikes. Thanks to their open-ear design, you can enjoy your music, podcast, or any other audio media while still being aware of your surroundings. We here on the Heyup Team really love this aspect in particular and are really enjoying that it is a feature that is becoming more and more common. As we are becoming more health conscious and spending more time outside, it has become more apparent that being aware of our surroundings is a must when we are outside, but the need to still enjoy our music is still as strong as ever. Therefore we’re very happy to see this trend of open-ear designed earbuds continues to be strong.

The Price We Pay

The open-ear design does come at a price though that some audiophiles may not be willing to pay. There is no noise cancellation, obviously, and the sound quality is not as rich as it could be with noise-canceling earbuds or headphones. But that’s the price you have to pay for this design, and we’re happy to pay for it.

How You Can Tell Us If You Want To Try It

Cast your wish and let us know if you’re interested in trying these super new workout earbuds from HAYLOU.



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