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Who Has Been Impressed By SwitchBot?

The SwitchBot Bot and Curtain has caught the attention of a number of people including us, which is why we created a tryout to give people like you the chance to have some of their cool devices completely free, just click here to apply today. Since the inception of these products on the growing smart home market, a number of insightful reviews about it have helped us to discover the benefits that I can get from these cool devices. These reviews come from many great reviewers which includes Unbox Therapy, ASBYT, Valentine Lewis and automated_house as well as lots of other great media companies have looked over the devices and tried them out, here is what they had to say to say about them:

Unbox Therapy spent time looking over the wide range of devices in the SwitchBot ecosystem including the SwitchBot Bot and Curtain, showing off his childlike enthusiasm when using them. Specifically for the Bot his expressed the day to day usage of the device "You can attach it to pretty much anything with a button, it could be your coffee maker you just wake up in the morning". He then went on to highlight how well integrated the Bot is with other accessories in the ecosystem, highlighting the high levels of customisable automation that is possible. He also discusses the SwitchBot Curtain compatibility to sensors in the ecosystem and the semi automation features when the curtain is tugged. You can view his full youtube video by watching it below:

Watch the full video>>


ASBYT introduced the devices by saying that they are perfect for "if you like the idea of having a smart home set up but are not sure where to start or are not tech savvy". He then later went into greater detail about what he found to be very appealing about the products by saying "The great thing is that you don't need to have a super modern and high tech house which is smart oriented with all the latest modcons. Because switchbot is for entry level smart home enthusiasts, affordable, easy to use and can be integrated into traditional fixtures and fittings, built prior to the modern world". His full youtube video can be found below, ready to be watched by you.

Watch the full video>>


SwitchBot was also highlighted on a MakeUseOf, where they gave them the award of Editors Choice. During their article they are quoted as comically saying SwitchBot has shown yet again it can play a critical role in your smart home setup by making any dumb devices smart”. Before giving a detailed look into how the SwitchBot Curtain works.

automated_house also looked over these devices and after testing SwitchBot out he asked his followers if they are “looking to make your morning and bedtime routine easier?”, quickly offering the solution to “check out the switchbot curtain”. He then went on to discuss how the device works and highlighted the convenience by saying “you can use the SwitchBot app or a remote, or you can even schedule based on time and light intensity”. He then went on to highlight its wide compatibility with various software by saying “the best part is SwitchBot works with other smart home platforms”, this feature seemed to impress him the most with his praise of how it helps him to prepare for his child’s bedtime routine. You can watch his full tik tok video here to see his full thoughts.

Watch the full video>>

Finally we have Valentine Lewis who had a lot of interesting things to say by describing the SwitchBot curtain as "the best way to make your curtains smart" and also highlighted one of the great benefits for people who are only able to rent by describing it as "any tenants dream of smart curtains that just comes true, no wall smashing or sockets are required". She also looked over the SwitchBot Bot and gave a great insight on how they can save people money by saying "there is no need to pay an extra high price to replace your old devices to make them automatic, this switchbot bot will work with just about every switch and button of any appliance". The full review can be found below with the chance to see her full thoughts.

Watch the full video>>


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What Other Tech We Had In Our Previous Tryouts?

We have already done two of these cool tryouts, the first tryout featured the Oladance Wearable Stereo open earbuds and the second tryout featured Heyplus Smartwatch (no relation), both which received interest among our community. Let’s see what future products we can feature in our tryouts.



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