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Why Do We Love Robots So Much?

So ever since we took a look at those pet robot products, I have maybe fallen in love with everything robots all over again like a little kid. Can you blame me? They’re so cool! But what is it about robots that interest us so much? Maybe it’s the chance they introduce to us of making something from nothing. Or maybe it is all the obvious and not-so-obvious ways that they can help us. 

Creation Is Its Own Form Of Magic

For thousands of years, we’ve been building things to make our lives easier and to accomplish our goals, we’re builders. We build farms, communities, homes, and this intrinsic need and ability to build is not limited to engineers, everyone has it. From the moment we are walking around we are learning from the world around us and working to build our little nooks in it to make it comfortable for us. Therefore, building autonomous little robots would be the ultimate creation and the ultimate assistance in making life easier. We know this because we’ve been making robots for quite a while now. We used them a lot in our manufacturing. Just watch any video about how something is made in a factory and you’ll see automation and robotic limbs doing a lot of the work.

Building To Make Life Better

As I’ve already mentioned, we’re already making loads of robots. Most of these robots are probably not what you would have expected to see when you were a kid. A lot of the robots we have these days would fit quite well in a Star Wars movie. Little robots like Roborock or Xiaomi’s Robo vacuum cleaners, or the small and large manipulator arms we see in factories and even submarine or airplane robots that double as drones. Then there are truly unique robots like this inflatable snake robot that may one day be used by search and rescue people to help find people in dangerous, hard-to-reach locations. It’s a super ingenious design, using just air pressure to extend, move, and even lift insanely heavy objects. The power of the air is truly mind-boggling. 

These uniquely designed robots are limited in what they can do, but they do their specific jobs very well. If you own a Robo vacuum cleaner, you'll know what I mean. My life was improved greatly by just having a Robo vacuum cleaner does the vacuuming for me 3 times a week. It’s not perfect, but it does so much well enough and truly saves me a lot of time when keeping the house clean. This convenience and time saving is even greater for other machines like packing machines or automated manufacturing machines. They help keep workers safe and allow the company to produce more, high-quality products, faster.

Anthropomorphic Robots

Cause what’s the fun of robots if we don’t make some whacky animal or humanoid ones? Thankfully we have genius engineers like the guys over at Boston Dynamics, working on Robo dogs like Spot and humanoid designs like Atlas. I’m sure you have seen them, for sure you have seen spot as some companies are already purchasing these robot dogs for use all over the world, either as mascots, helpers or search and rescue tools. 

Image of Spot - Courtesy of Boston Dynamics

You may have also seen some of Boston Dynamic’s recent YouTube videos that went viral showing off their robots dancing and doing parkour around the office. If you haven’t seen I highly recommend it. It’s not hard to see robots like Spot as cute little dogs and toy manufacturers have also taken the animal design idea and ran with it to make cute little toy robots for us to enjoy. In our last article about robots, we showed several cool little pet-related robots we thought were cool. 

Bittle From Petoi Is Still My Favorite

Image of Bittle - courtesy of Petoi

We went through a lot of robots and stuff on the net, and we may not be at an age where robots do everything for us, but I think Bittle is still my favorite little robot we can get right now. It’s the cute design plus the little extra bit of unique life you can breathe into with some coding. In fact, if enough of you agree with me and mention it on the Heyup Community, I’m sure we can convince the powers that be to get Bittle to be one of our next Tryout products. How cool would that be? 

Not Sci-Fi But Sci-Real

We’re not seeing robots like in the movies, but we know for sure that robots and the like are no longer a thing we see in sci-fiction movies or shows like the Jetsons. They’re real, they’re awesome, and they’re here to stay. It’s an exciting time to see how we continue to develop these cool machines to help us and to be our friends even and personally, I can’t wait to see where it all goes.



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