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Airchat: A New Social Network Based On Voice Notes. What Could You Use It For?

Air Chat

Airchat is a new social media platform that combines the features of Twitter and Clubhouse. Instead of typing text, users record audio posts and the app automatically converts them to text. Followers can hear your voice along with text as they scroll through their feed.

In the world of social media, there aren't many places to claim. For several years now, the scene has been dominated by almost the same players. I'm talking about Facebook, Instagram, Youtube, Twitter and, of course, TikTok. This time, we are here to talk about a new social network called Airchat, which has as its differential feature its focus on voice notes.

Air Chat

This may remind you a little of Clubhouse, one of the networks that managed to stand out a couple of years ago with a similar approach. As happened with said platform, Airchat is shaking things up in the digital world. Some user groups are enthusiastically adopting it; However, it is early to claim victory. First it must be maintained and confirmed that it is not a simple fad.

Right away, I'm going to tell you everything you need to know about the Airchat social network, the main features and how you could use it for different purposes.

What is Airchat?

Airchat is a social platform whose dynamics are based on the publication of voice notes and broadcasts. To be honest, it reminds me a lot of Twitter, sorry, X! (We still don't get used to it). Users can have an individual conversation with another person or, failing that, start a live conversation. Be careful, there is no text! In that sense, it distances itself from the proposal for voice notes from Elon Musk's social network.

Air Chat

The founders are former AngeList CEO Naval Ravikant, and former Tinder CPO Brian Norgard. The description that we find in the application stores about Airchat is quite brief. You can only read: “Always someone to talk to.”

Apparently, the approach of this social network found an echo among investors who are always evaluating projects in Silicon Valley. It's kind of strange that Airchat manages to pick up some firewood in a place where other projects have failed. After all, people who decide to put their money into the social app must be looking askance at Clubhouse. It is inevitable to think about it as soon as we put the platform to the test.

How does Airchat work?

To understand how the Airchat social network works, think about a voice Twitter. The user scrolls through their feed, which automatically plays the sound publications that their Followers have shared. It's only audio, no text. The Internet user has the option to pause the playback, speed it up as happens in other apps, and even read the transcripts generated thanks to an Artificial Intelligence system.

What can you do in Airchat ? In general, it is a very intuitive complete platform, thanks to the fact that it has functions that most Internet users are familiar with.

Air Chat

For example, the user has the option of making posts by simply pressing the microphone button. When someone else comes across the post, they will have the option of reading the text or listening to the original audio. Likewise, there is the possibility of responding to publications with our own voice notes. Thanks to this, it generates a dynamic closer to everyday conversation.

If you want to have a private conversation with another user, you have the option to send a direct message. It was clear that they were not going to do without this feature that facilitates private interactions. The above is functional for having a conversation with family, friends and even co-workers.

Why should you use Airchat?

As I say, it's too early to talk about Airchat as the next big revelation in social media. I have seen so many platforms parade with big dreams, only to die a premature death. Despite this, I think it would be good if you gave it a chance. You don't lose anything by installing it on your cell phone and having fun with its dynamics for a while. Use it to share your thoughts and ideas through short audio messages. Many people are using it to share opinions, experiences and personal stories.

If you decide to be part of the euphoria around Airchat, we suggest you become part of the conversations. Also, try to create your own community through interesting audio posts. Remember to give them a unique style to start attracting users who like your way of thinking or the way you talk about things.

Air Chat

While I still have doubts about Airchat's ability to stay relevant for an extended period of time, I think it offers some benefits. For example, it allows for more natural and expressive communication, something that is not achieved with text publications. Likewise, voice notes appear to encourage greater interaction between users and more authentic connections.

Let us know how Airchat is going for you and if you think it will survive the social media jungle! Join our community to leave your comment and don't forget to follow ”Heyup Newsroom” to keep you always aware of the latest News and Updates from the technology world of the future.



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