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Aqara Hub M3: A Multi-Protocol Matter Powerhouse Now Globally Available

Aqara Hub M3 Global launch

Aqara has already shown its new Hub M3 at CES 2024 in January. As announced, the new smart home center is now officially launched for global markets. The new hub comes with some adjustments, supports Matter out of the box, and also works as a border router for a Thread network.

Aqara Hub M3 Global launch

The Aqara Hub M3 is the successor to the M2 and now has an angular design (105 x 105 x 36.5 mm). Inside there is now an 8GB eMMC memory. The power is supplied via USB Type-C or optionally PoE. In addition to Ethernet, the connection to the home network can also be done via WiFi (dual band: 2.4GHz/5GHz, WPA3 support).

Aqara Hub M3 Global launch

With Zigbee support, current Aqara components can continue to be operated. Aqara's Zigbee devices with repeater functionality can act as a proxy hub to run automations in case the M3 is unavailable. Bluetooth (low energy) and infrared (for air conditioning, TV sets, etc.) as well as Thread are also included. The Hub M3, like Apple's HomePods or the Google Nest Hub 2, can be set up as a thread border router.

The Aqara Hub passes Zigbee devices through to Matter as a Matter Bridge and also allows infrared devices to be addressed via this bridge functionality via Matter and thus various smart home ecosystems. Up to 127 Thread/Zigbee devices are supported with appropriate use of repeaters.

Aqara Hub M3 Global launch

In its function as a Matter Controller, various Matter devices from different brands can be connected to the Aqara Hub M3 and automated within the Aqara app. At the start, you are limited to certain device types. For example, single-color Hue lights or Google Nest thermostats.

Aqara states that the Hub M3 brings local automation capabilities and also enables more local automation between Aqara devices. It is used as an edge hub and also steps into the breach when operating other Aqara hubs when it comes to automation between devices instead of via the cloud.

Aqara Hub M3 Global launch

Ark 2.0 technology also supports multiple gateways at the same time. If the main hub fails, another hub takes over running scenes and automations using the network's self-healing process. Users of an older Aqara hub should be able to migrate the devices and take settings and automation with them.

Besides, a 95 dB loudspeaker is integrated, which can be used for security warnings or announcements. More information about the M3 can be found on our website.

Availability and Price

The Aqara Hub M3 is immediately available worldwide for $129.99 at Amazon and other selected retailers. There’s a discount code available currently for both US and EU. There is currently a discount code available for a 20% discount on the Aqara Hub M3. You can use USCAHUB3 (US) or HUBM3EU5 (EU) to get the Aqara Hub M3 for $103,99 / €103,99.

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