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Ayaneo Pocket DMG: A Game Boy-Like Portable Game Consoles Will be Unveiled On May 18

Ayaneo Pocket DMG launch

The Pocket DMG, which has been highly anticipated, was first introduced during a SLIDE and FLIP launch event in November 2023. After releasing other gaming handheld devices, AYANEO briefly mentioned the Pocket DMG in early December 2023. Recently, the company surprised fans by sharing a new teaser of the Pocket DMG on its global social media accounts. The image featured the device in white, giving a first look at its design.

Ayaneo Pocket DMG teaser

The device's resemblance to the Anbernic RG405V hints at a similar handheld gaming experience, but with unique features that set it apart. The support of a microSD card reader allows for expandable storage options, while the scroll wheel and multiple sets of shoulder buttons offer enhanced control during gameplay. The active cooling system indicated by the circular cuts suggests that the device is designed to handle intense gaming sessions without overheating.

Ayaneo Pocket DMG teaser

Although specific specifications have yet to be revealed, the 'Pocket' branding suggests that the device will be powered by the Android operating system, opening up a wide range of gaming possibilities. Fans eagerly anticipate the upcoming unveiling event on May 18th, where more details about the Pocket DMG will be announced.


In addition, AYANEO has also teased the upcoming launch of the AYANEO AG01 graphics card dock with a futuristic "starship" design, as well as the AYANEO POCKET MICRO horizontal retro handheld console. These new products are sure to excite gamers and expand AYANEO's presence in the gaming industry.

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