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Eureka J12 Ultra Landed In European Market, For a Price of €799

Eureka J12 Ultra Europe

Eureka, a pioneer in home cleaning technology for over a century, has announced its latest robot vacuum, the Eureka J12 Ultra in the European market. Featuring automatic dust extraction, mop washing function and hot air drying at 55 degrees, this robot sets new standards in cleaning technology.

Until May 24, Eureka J12 Ultra will be available for 679 instead of 799 both on the company website and on Amazon. Furthermore, it will be possible to apply an additional discount of 30 using the code " EurekaJ12U ". This product can be purchased in two different colors: white and black.

For more details, let's therefore analyze all the features of the Eureka J12 Ultra in detail.

Eureka J12 Ultra Europe

The new Eureka robot presents itself with modern and refined shapes. In the upper area, we find the Lidar turret for mapping our home and the controls for cleaning management. DuoDetect AI 3D sensors have been inserted in the front part, which allow precise obstacle detection even in low light conditions.

Eureka J12 Ultra Europe

Sensors with artificial intelligence are capable of recognizing even pets. We also remember the advanced ultrasonic carpet detection technology. Inside the J12 Ultra we obviously find the dust collection tank, removable and accessible via a panel on the top side of the robot.

Eureka J12 Ultra Europe

We continue with the lower side where we find two side brushes, the main brush (with anti-tangling system for hair and rubber elements) and the two rotating mop cloths dedicated to the floor cleaning function. Cloths connected to two electric motors (RevoScrub technology) inserted in the rear area of ​​the robot, removable and equipped with soft fringes.

Eureka J12 Ultra Europe

Eureka J12 Ultra integrates a 5,200mAh battery with autonomy of up to 150 minutes - 300 m2 and a suction system with a power of 5,000 Pa, capable of removing dirt, debris and pet hair from surfaces of all kinds including carpets, wooden and laminate floors. Let's not forget the robot's dimensions of 350 x 342.5 x 107.5 mm and 2.4 GHz WiFi connectivity.

Charging base

Let's move on to the analysis of the charging base, with dimensions equal to 412 x 381 x 566 mm. By opening the top cover it is possible to access the two large removable tanks (4.7 liters for clean water, 4.6 liters for dirty water), dedicated to the floor cleaning function.

Eureka J12 Ultra Europe

Base which houses a large compartment dedicated not only to charging the robot, but also to the automatic cleaning of the two mops, with a complex system for introducing clean water and removing dirty water, sent to the appropriate container. Charging station which also takes care of drying clothes with hot air at 55 degrees, to avoid the formation of mold and bad smells.

Eureka J12 Ultra Europe

The base also houses a 3-litre removable dust collection bag. Here there is, in fact, a powerful suction system capable of automatically transferring the dirt from the robot's tank to the bag present in the station. Sufficient bag for approximately 75 days.


Eureka J12 Ultra is controllable via a dedicated mobile app, which is useful for monitoring the path of the vacuum cleaner, planning cleaning, adjusting suction levels and controlling advanced functions such as the creation of prohibited zones and invisible walls to prevent the J12 Ultra from accessing certain areas of our home.

Eureka J12 Ultra Europe

The robot offers four cleaning modes: simultaneous vacuuming and mopping, vacuuming followed by mopping, vacuuming only and mopping only. As regards washing floors, however, we find three different modes: deep cleaning, standard and fast. We conclude with voice commands thanks to compatibility with Alexa and Google Assistant.

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