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Shargeek 140 Hit On Kickstarter: A Powerful External Battery With a Transparent Case

Shargeek 140 Kickstarter Compaign

Sharge, the company behind the product recently launched a Kickstarter campaign to fund the production of this power bank. Within just half an hour of the campaign going live, it had already gained 250 backers and raised over $29,000, far exceeding its initial funding goal of $3,000. The campaign is set to end on June 6th.


The Shargeek 140 is a advanced power bank offering exceptional performance. With an output power of 140 watts, it is capable of efficiently charging a variety of devices. The USB C port delivers an impressive 100 watts, while the USB A port provides up to 40 watts to connected devices. This ensures that even high-energy devices can be charged quickly and effectively. For example, the MacBook Pro can reach half its capacity in just 40 minutes when connected to the Shargeek 140.

Shargeek 140 Kickstarter Compaign

Featuring a capacity of 20,000mAh and 72Wh, this power bank can charge the iPhone 15 Pro up to four times and fully charge a MacBook Pro once. With dimensions of 158 x 65 x 30.5 mm, it is compact and portable, making it easy to carry around. With a 470 grams, the power bank can be charged at up to 65 watts, taking a little over an hour to reach full capacity. However, it can be half charged in just 50 minutes.

Equipped with a convenient display, the Shargeek 140 allows users to monitor power usage and remaining capacity. It also provides an estimate of charging or running time, making it easy to manage power consumption. Additionally, a low charging power mode is available to prevent the power bank from shutting off during charging, especially when used with older wearables or headphones.

Shargeek 140 Kickstarter Compaign

During the Kickstarter campaign, you can support the Shargeek 140 project by pledging $79 and receiving the product at a 35% discount from the regular price of $109. The product will be shipped to various countries including the US, UK, Australia, and the Netherlands, with expected delivery in July. However, it is unclear when the Shargeek 140 will be released for general sale.

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