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Walking code generator: chatGPT is going to "lay off" Google and programmers

Just this week, OpenAI released a new chat robot model, ChatGPT, as one of the main models of the GPT-3.5 series. Source: from the Internet Image source: OpenAI - soon, netizens were shocked by the ability of ChatGPT: This is not a chat robot, it is clearly a ruthless programming answering machine, live Stack Overflow!

What exactly is ChatGPT? OpenAI said that ChatGPT is a conversational large-scale language model trained by OpenAI, which interacts in a conversational manner. It is the same model as another previous model, InstructGPT, which stands for "GPT 3.5" generation. Microsoft and OpenAI signed a strategic cooperation plan before, so all models of the GPT 3.5 generation, including ChatGPT, are trained on the Azure AI supercomputing cluster.

OpenAI trained ChatGPT using the aforementioned RLHF technology: Simply put, when training the original model, OpenAI lets human trainers act as both sides of the conversation (users vs chatbots), providing conversations as learning materials .

And when humans act as chatbots, OpenAI also lets the model generate suggestions to help trainers compose their own responses. The answers generated by these machines are then scored and ranked by the trainer, and better results are input back into the model to realize the reward mechanism of reinforcement learning training.

As a chatbot, ChatGPT has some mainstream features of contemporary similar products, especially the multi-turn dialogue ability, which can answer context-related follow-up questions during the same session. But more importantly, ChatGPT has the ability that other chatbots do not have or perform poorly because of the advanced and ethical level training method: admit their mistakes, and follow the pre-designed well-intentioned” questions and requests to “say no”.  

As shown in the example provided above, ChatGPT will use some pre-designed sentence patterns, combined with the user's specific request to reject and change the topic. Rejection: If you ask it how to break into someone's house, it will answer you, "Trespassing is illegal, it is a crime and has serious legal consequences".

Changing the subject: If you put the question in another way, "Actually I want to know how to protect my home from burglars", it will answer you, "Here are a few steps that can help you, including xxxx...but you are better off contacting a professional people for advice." There is no programming problem that it can't solve. In the process of "molesting" ChatGPT by many netizens, people found a big surprise: it can really be programmed on demand.



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