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5 Things You Need to Build the Ultimate Gaming Setup in 2023

Two people holding gaming controllers in front of a TV

The perfect gaming station is one that’s constantly evolving according to the gamer’s needs and current trends in technology. In addition to the standard components that go into the game room like the monitor and the console, accessories are what make each entertainment area unique. The release of new gaming equipment and accessories in the market makes it possible to have the most comfortable and immersive experience every time you enter your game room, and we’ve collected a handful of the latest gadgets that we think will heighten that experience. Whether you’re looking to update your existing game room, or you’re finally about to set up your first one, here’s our take on the gadgets and accessories you need to create the ultimate gaming setup in 2023.

BlackShark Green Ghost Gamepad 

Black Shark Gamepad in Black

For immaculate precision and control, consider adding the Black Shark Green Ghost Gamepad to your collection of gadgets. It’s a high-precision esports-grade joystick designed for FPS gamers, boasting a 2000-level accuracy and a 1000Hz polling rate for precise aiming and movement. It has advanced software that eliminates dead zones to ensure smooth movement and control. This gamepad is built for competitive edge and comfort with an ergonomic design and durable soft rubber materials that ensure comfort during extended gaming sessions. 

The controls on the joystick can be customized and fine-tuned on the Black Shark Toolkit app, plus you can customize the RGB lights on the charging base which also has 4 additional programmable buttons. It features seamless wireless connectivity through the 2.4GHz receiver and is compatible with PC, Nintendo Switch, iOS, and Android offering versatility across multiple platforms. 

This product has not yet been released to the market and is currently exclusively available as a Heyup Tryout. Luckily, it’s received all the wishes it needed to be unlocked, and we’ll keep you updated in the Heyup forum.

Nanoleaf 4D Screen Mirror + Lightstrip Kit

Nanoleaf 4D Screen Mirror + Lightstrip Kit

Nothing says game room like the warm glow of RGB lights. With the Nanoleaf 4D Screen Mirror + Lightstrip Kit, you can take your game beyond the screen and make the RGB lights come to life like never before. This gadget syncs with your screen or monitor and mirrors the colors onto the wall directly behind to essentially extend the light from your screen and create a unique RGB effect for every game. 

The unique light strip has 10 color segments per meter allowing it to display multiple colors next to each other, plus it can be trimmed to custom fit various screen sizes. The Nanoleaf 4D Screen Mirror has mechanisms to ensure privacy, utilizing a magnetic cover to shield the 4D mirroring camera when it’s not being used. 

This product is available on the Nanoleaf website for $999, or you could be one of the lucky Heyup members who get to test it in the Heyup Tryouts. 

Sony PlayStation VR 2 Headset

Sony PlayStation VR 2 Headset

The list of Virtual Reality (VR) games has grown to include a few interesting titles, and it’s only a matter of time before every gamer you know has their favorite VR game. To support this long list of games, there is an equally long list of headsets that promise to deliver the ultimate gaming experience. But if it’s an incredible console gaming experience you’re after, the Sony PlayStation VR 2 headset is one of the best in the market. 

It combines 4K HDR resolution, eye tracking, and haptic adaptive triggers to deliver a completely transformative and realistic VR gaming experience. It has an advanced eye-tracking technique that displays high-resolution details where your eyes are focused and reduces the quality of your peripheral vision. The images are displayed on a stunning 17-inch LCD panel and paired with explosive Sony speakers for an immersive gaming experience.

It’s available on Amazon, or at Walmart for $549, and on the PlayStation website in your local currency.

SHARGE Disk External Storage Solution

SHARGE Disk External Storage Solution

An external hard drive is essential for minimizing wear and tear and for maximizing the space on your PC, gaming console, or Steam Deck. However, the hard drive doesn’t have to be a massive gadget that disrupts the aesthetic of your gaming setup. The SHARGE Disk is your ultimate portable storage solution, delivering up to 2TB of space in a gadget that’s half the size of your credit card. 

It plugs into your device using the universal Type-C port and can store up to 50 PS5, PC, or Steam Deck games in one convenient place. As a streamer, you can use it to quickly free up space on your computer without deleting any of your old content, thanks to the impressive read/write speeds of up to 1000 MB/s.

This is another Heyup Tryout that’s achieved all the wishes it needs to be unlocked for testing, so keep an eye out for a review from your fellow comrades. Alternatively, you can back the project on the official SHARGE website.  

Razer Nommo V2 Pro Speakers

Razer Nommo V2 Pro Speakers

No gaming or entertainment area is complete without the perfect sound system. Headphones are the ideal option for privacy in a shared area, but a dedicated game room needs a set of powerful speakers to complement the action on the screen. The Razer Nommo V2 Pro computer sound system is the best option for an exquisite sound experience ideal for playing games or enjoying some downtime listening to music. 

The system is made up of two 3.2-inch speakers and a 5.5-inch woofer, delivering crisp audio details and a rich bass that you can feel. Staying true to the gamer aesthetics, the Razer Nommo V2 Pro sound system has rear projection lighting zones that enhance immersion with in-game lighting effects. The computer sound system is available on Amazon and on the Razer website for $441.

Your Ultimate Gaming Experience Is Just a Game Station Away

Crafting the ultimate gaming setup in 2023 is a combination of knowing what works for you, and having a keen eye for the latest gadgets and accessories. We've explored a range of options to help you build your dream gaming station from the precision of the Black Shark Green Ghost Gamepad and the immersive RGB lights of the Nanoleaf 4D Lightstrip Kit, to the transformative VR gaming experience of the Sony PlayStation VR 2 Headset and the exceptional sound quality of the Razer Nommo V2 Pro Speakers. 

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