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BlackShark Green Ghost Gamepad

Brand: BlackShark
Quantity: 3 units

Available countries: US, EU, and UK
Until 09/28/2023

This is an exclusive tryout in Heyup as the product has not been released worldwide yet.
It has 2 interchangeable modules, 4 customizable buttons, and 4 pre-configured settings. It features ALPS rubber dome joysticks, the same as those used in the PS5, with an extended lifespan and steel rings and POM rings added to the joystick for zero resistance use.

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Established in August 2017, BlackShark is a domestic gaming smartphone brand that integrates mobile phone design, research and development, manufacturing, and sales into a communication device. It focuses on becoming a world brand loved by young people. Black Shark collaborates with excellent suppliers in the industry, adopts high-quality components to provide players with good hardware experience, and cooperates with MIUI to customize Black Shark JOY UI for players to have a good software experience. It also collaborates with large game manufacturers to optimize game performance and provide players with a good gaming experience.


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