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How Are You Using Heyup Boxe?

Projectors have always been a favorite tool. We’ve seen them all our lives in modern times thanks to their popularity and flexibility, particularly in movie theatres. What about the new Boxe? How are we using it?

I particularly like watching movies and TV shows on it at home. It’s been pretty nice and easy to use throughout the house. It’s been pretty easy to move it from room to room and adjust it to fit the different rooms without wasting too much of my time. This did take some practice but I’ve got my rooms figured out pretty quickly. 

It has even been used at the office. We’ve used it for the occasional meeting and because we’re a bunch of tech nerds at heart, we’ve plugged a Nintendo Switch into and played some Mario Kart games on during our lunch break, which is a lot better than split screening a large computer screen. 

We would love to hear from our Boxe fans how they are using their Boxe mini-portable projector. Maybe even share with us a picture of your setup, we’d love to see them on our Forum. Do you use it at home? What about work? If you use the Boxe at work, what kind of work do you do? I bet the Boxe would be a hit for schools with young kids for example. Let us know, we’d love to find out, really.



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