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I Gave The Oladance Wearable Earbuds A Try And Can’t Put Em Down

If you are like me, someone who does not like having earbuds jammed deep into my ears, then you may have found it hard to find good wireless earbuds to exercise with. Why is that? I’m sure you have already noticed, it’s because while those earbuds that are jammed into our ears may be uncomfortable, they do however do a good job at staying put when out and about. With modern technology, there has to be a comfortable solution that also stays on my head, right? Well, thankfully we did find a solution.

Finding the Oladance wearable earbuds has been a true godsend because of this. They are a comfortable solution while also staying securely on my ears while I’m outside on my runs. The sound quality of the Oladance earbuds has also been really great. The bass in particular is quite enjoyable thanks to the large 16.2mm drivers. 

Since trying out the Oladance earbuds during my runs I’ve really grown to appreciate the open ear design of them. They have allowed me to keep aware of my surroundings. I don’t have to worry about a car or anything coming up on me by surprise since I can still hear everything, even while I enjoy my music or podcast.

The only downside I have noticed with them is that it is possible for others around me to hear what I am listening to if I really turn up the volume on these. But for the most part that hasn’t been a problem and just encourages me to listen at a safer volume.


Have you tried the new Oladance wearable earbuds yet? Let us know what you think of them. Have they been great? How would you like to improve them if you could? Let us know on our Forum or our Discord Channel.