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Tech Obscura: Oddly, Comfy, and Cool

Welcome back to Tech Obscura, where we scour the net for you, looking for cool, new tech and gadgets. This month we found cool lights to light up your favorite room in truly unique styles as well as awesome wearable tech to make life easier and more comfortable while still being fashionable, and a cool gaming mouse for our PC gamers out there.

Nanoleaf Lines

Looking to light up your favorite room in your own unique style? Wouldn’t it be great to not only control the color of the lights but also the literal shape of the light? It would be pretty great and this is exactly what the Nanoleaf Lines promises. It’s a real genius design where instead of buying a traditional lamp you can create your own custom geometric design with the 9 light lines that come in the box. The lines are RGB LED lights that are controlled via an app on your phone and you can cycle the colors through the spectrum and you can even customize what colors are used at what parts of the light line. 


Oura Ring Generation 3

Looking to keep on top of their personal health but not a fan of wearing a clunky smartwatch or bracelet? Then this Oura Ring is right up your alley. It’s small, comfortable, and fairly fashionable really. With a Bluetooth connection to their app on your smartphone, this ring can keep track of your health 24/7 for up to 7 days on a full charge. For such a small device, the ring also keeps track of a lot of health statistics. Here’s a quick rundown of them, it’s impressive. It can keep help keep track of your sleep health, daily activity, heart rate, and even blood oxygen levels, all in a tiny ring on your finger. It even comes in four nicely fashionable levels. I like the silver one myself.


Nothing Earbuds

Nothing has taken minimalistic design to a whole new level with their ear(1) earbuds. They have made tiny, earbuds with a very clean transparent design on the small portion that stays outside of the year where the battery, microphones, and chip are. They’ve even incorporated the transparent design into their earbud charging case in an aesthetically pleasing way. While it is nice to stare at the internal workings of technology, how do they sound? Pretty good actually thanks to their 11.6mm speaker driver and noise canceling. They’re also fairly comfortable and fit snuggly inside the ear so they don’t fall out that easily.


Zephyr PRO RGB Sweat-proof Gaming Mouse

Keeping your mouse hand from sweating while playing games isn’t usually the first thing that comes to mind when buying a mouse. But for some, it is a common enough discomfort that the creators at Marsback decided to make a gaming mouse designed specifically to deal with this. They’ve made a lightweight mouse with hexagonal openings around the base of the mouse where the palm would rest and inside they put a small, low-power fan. The fan won't make your hand cold, but it will give enough of a breeze to keep it dry, and being low power helps to keep the fan as silent as possible. To make it even cooler, pun intended, they added in customizable RGB lights, that can be adjusted through a simple program that can be downloaded from their website.

Is there any cool tech that we haven’t covered yet? Let us know in Forums or on a Discord Channel. With your help we hope to find all the cool tech there is to find. 



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