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We Are Heyup, Welcome To Our Community

What an exciting day it is for us at Heyup. You may have first been introduced to Heyup by backing our recent successful Kickstarter campaign, however, we would like to take this opportunity to unveil the next stage of the Heyup adventure: our community.

At Heyup, we have one goal: to build future technology products together with you. Your ideas and suggestions, our capabilities, and partners. The Heyup Community aspires to be a new hybrid online place in which contributions lead to actions, in which you can share thoughts and constructive suggestions about tech products you use or not, things you would like to buy or just get your hands on. In short, we want to give back power to users.

Why are we doing this? Every day, we feel tracked by targeted ads, surrounded by fake reviews on Amazon, and more or less biased content creators, who tend to conduct product reviews from a brand standpoint and not an everyday user. We made Heyup to be a new space where users can voice their opinions and be heard by the world at large.

Through our open platform, it is our hope for users to come together and share their experiences with technology. Share tips and tricks they have learned over the years as well as new and great things they are looking forward to seeing. This growing community will also have the opportunity to be the first people to try new tech products before anyone else, to test them out and make a beneficial impact on the final product.

From now on, we are glad to welcome you to the community: a forum in which you can start threads and connect with like-minded people to discuss tech or all things relevant to tech and lifestyle. The Heyup Community that we are building is also accessible on Discord as well as Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter, so it is easy for anyone, anywhere to join in.

It is a pleasure meeting with you and we hope you will enjoy the ride together with us. Stay tuned for more news!



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