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Insta 360 GO 3S

The tiny mighty 4K cam.

  • Small & Lightweight
  • 4K Hands-Free POVs
  • Mount Anywhere
  • Multifunctional Action Pod
  • FlowState Stabilization
  • Rugged & Waterproff
  • Interval Video & AI Editing

5 Reasons to Try the Insta360 Go 3S


In 2015, Insta360 was founded because they wanted a better way to share experiences. They had been searching for a 360 camera that would allow them to share great moments with people anywhere in the world — not just snapshots or partial glimpses, but full, immersive moments. When they couldn’t find the right gear to realize this vision, they decided to build it themselves. They haven’t stopped building since.


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Test And Share

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