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The iPhone of the future, no charging port

Wires are no longer in need.

· cool tech news
Replacing ChatGPT, Tencent’s 2D generator has become the new favorite of netizens

Still addicted to ChatGPT and can't extricate yourself? Foreign netizens have already moved on! In the past two days, another AIGC (Artificial Intelligence Generated Content) toy has suddenly become popular on overseas social platforms. You want to ask how popular I am? So much so that the platform's server couldn't take it anymore, and issued a flow-limiting announcement. It even...

"Co-brand Maniac" OnePlus, this time puts Hutao into your phone

In the first half of 2022, OnePlus launched the Ace series, which focuses on performance, covering the 2000-4000 yuan market and expanding the brand product line. In order to welcome the special member of the Ace series OnePlus Ace Pro Genshin Impact Limited Edition, Li Jie, President of OnePlus China, appeared at Liyuefeng Teahouse to talk about the new product. Compared...

Walking code generator: chatGPT is going to "lay off" Google and programmers

ChatGPT: This is not a chat robot, it is clearly a ruthless programming answering machine, live Stack Overflow!

Under the pressure, Silicon Valley is moving towards overtime working.

This words from Musk’s internal letter to Twitter employees, represents a more intense working state than paying attention to “WLB” (work-life balance).

These Brands find the answer on TikTok

Some new ideas for TikTok marketing.

From Kindle e-books to Alexa speakers, why is Amazon always "selling" its hardware products cheaply?

At the beginning of December, Amazon's long-rumored plan to lay off 10,000 employees has finally locked in the first batch of targets. According to the British "Financial Times" report, Amazon decided to streamline the team first, from three devices: the Alexa voice assistant and speakers, the Kindle e-reader and the Halo health monitoring bracelet. Among them, the department where Alexa...

Taote wants more than 300 million buyers

So they can shop more and search more

vivo imaging strategy release

a new generation of self-developed imaging chips and a number of new technologies unveiled

Controversy over infringement and credit grabbing continues

And Stability AI is caught in a whirlpool

China's new generation of manned launch vehicle engine development achieved a major breakthrough

Gen 6 is available now

On the thorny road of exploring "humanized professional photography"

how did vivo do?

Great Wall Motor and China Mobile cooperate to make the internet of vehicle

Looking for in-depth cooperation

The resurrected Zotye is about to cut leeks

but its predecessors are going bankrupt

Musk's week on Twitter

Storm is coming guys.

Microsoft, Google, Facebook, three giants, miserable, miserable, miserable

Silicon Valley "earthquake". The US stock market is due to the poor performance of Silicon Valley technology giants Microsoft, Google, and Facebook in the third quarter.