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In the field of mobile phone macro photography, is Apple stronger?

Or is it other brands?

Apple's satellite communications related patents published

"method for making non-terrestrial network communications comply with terrestrial standards and regulations".

Wuling: I have the final say in the market of mobility scooters.

Not safe enough? But at least doesn't get out of control.

In 2022, will smart watches be made into "large bracelets"?

Useful sometimes, but useless at most of the time.

A Beidou short message was finally loaded into Huawei

After 20 years of development of the Beidou Satellite system.

Amazon, Uber have invested in automatic delivery

instant retail promotes "last mile" fulfillment to accelerate

Why vivo is still emphasizing the underlying smoothness

What are mobile phones competing for now?

Airdrop is now turned off by default

Apple is finally aware of this security risk.

Euler did not tear off the female label

With the launch of the Lightning Cat, the industry's focus is almost all around. Ora is going to hit the mid-to-high-end market.

Forget web3 first, let's talk about digital high-speed rail

In November 2022, Hangzhou, Yunqi Conference. Jiang Guofei was pacing in the center of the stage, speaking Mandarin with a Jiangsu and Zhejiang accent. As the president of Ant Group's digital technology business group, he has been the "architect" of technology business development in the past five years, and has built a highly influential software and hardware technology matrix. This...

A 20-Year-Old Girl Founded a Platform is now Worth $40 Billion

It is beating Adobe, challenging Microsoft

Smart MiniLED top picture quality + 288Hz refresh rate

Skyworth GLED TV A63 is going rampage

The Metaverse is still a long way off

but the era of real-time interaction has come

Indie station "besieged" middle-aged Amazon

Amazon's quarterly profit fell 9% year-on-year,

Will the next track for mobile imaging be modular?

On November 2nd, Xiaomi announced the Xiaomi Mi 12 Ultra concept machine on Weibo. If there are people who think that the cooperation between Xiaomi and Leica is only at the level of applying filters to photos, then this product is indeed a product after exposure. Hit them hard in the face. Since it has in-depth cooperation with Leica, Xiaomi's...

Twitter Refugees Flock to Mammoths

This Niche Social Platform Becomes Popular